Becoming Arts



I LOVE coming to Becoming Arts! Every time I go, as much as I am attending Jenny T’s art workshops, I get to realize myself as an artist in a completely genuine and unapologetic way! The environment she creates is an encouraging and enriching one of making art completely your own, no matter your abilities. Every time, I find myself happier in my expression, my pieces, and glad I got to share in the connections and experiences with others! I can’t say enough that everyone should attend Becoming Arts- Jenny makes real connections with each person and helps you connect openly in the same way with your art!


I love to take different art classes with friends and family. Jenny’s class was the first one I have taken on my own and I truly loved it! I felt empowered to explore my creativity in a space that felt safe and supportive. I enjoyed the positive energy that Jenny offers. The “Top 10 Obstacles to Making Art” she shared really struck a cord with me. Her art projects were easy to follow and she provided a lot of materials for me to explore different modes of art. It felt great to be in a place where mistakes are just part of the process and give your art character!


To have someone like Jenny T. encourage you to relax and experiment with a variety of art materials without judgement nor expectation of a certain outcome, and mostly for FUN was just what I needed. I had a blast at the workshop. The venue is great, especially if you don’t have a dedicated creative space of your own. Everything was already set up for the creative dabbling to begin. Jenny provided ideas and guidance but also wanted each attendee to take their own creative adventure, whatever that might mean. For me, to just get started with an art creation can sometimes feel overwhelming all by myself. But with the upbeat group and our combined creative energy at Becoming Arts, and Jenny’s FUN (yep, there it is again) sense of humor, how could I not try out some new materials I’ve never touched before? Everyone can create. I highly recommend Becoming Arts Workshops with Jenny T. I’ll be back.