Becoming Arts



Join Jenny T.'s Becoming Arts Art Lab to unleash your creativity without worrying about the outcome. Whether or not you consider yourself an artist, these sessions invite you to reconnect with your inner artist, experiment freely, and silence your inner critic. Embrace the process of making art and rediscover the joy of creativity.


Dive into a dynamic blend of art, games, movement, and more that will spark your imagination and energize your summer. From painting and sketching to exciting games, our camp offers a vibrant mix of activities designed to inspire and entertain. Join us for an unforgettable time where every day is a new opportunity to create, play, and explore!


Art Samples from Becoming Arts Class

Learn the history, styles, subjects, inspirations, try a project based on that artist's work and you might even have a book read to you! (when is the last time that happened!?) A simple, fun approach to art and artists!


Whether you’re still in elementary school or you’re a retiree, a busy parent or you just want to make some art, one on one art sessions with Jenny T.  are a wonderful way to walk into a place where you will find your creative side again, then learn how to nurture and care for it. You would be surprised how it can ripple throughout your daily life. 

Book your art adventure with Jenny T. today. She will cheer you on and help remind you how to create confidently again!